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Bill Gellerman Photography LLC.

Located in Kimberly, Wisconsin
I want to photograph the moments of your life that have had the greatest impact on your path, so far. The ones that have helped you decide where you're heading. I'm offering you an experience that will be bold. That will give you lasting memories of whom you are today. So that once your feet find your path, they can take you wherever you believe they can. My hope is that you'll find out a bit more about who you are today, so that you'll understand the impact that whom you are, has had and will continue to have on those around you, who cherish your presence in their life, daily. When you head off to college and onto your next steps in life, they'll have these memories to hold onto, and the map of your life will have portraits, to showcase where you've come from and where you're headed. Lets create a wall portrait collection, that embodies your life.