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Leichtner Studios

Located in Rochester, New York
82 Years Perfecting The Image Henry Leichtner started our photography studio in downtown Rochester in 1928. Henry always said, "Quality and service are very important, but the image is everything. If you can't create that ultimate image, nothing else matters. You can't teach creativity, it only comes naturally." Today, the Leichtner look is why more seniors come to us. Our portraits are exciting! Your senior portrait is too important to go just anywhere. (Yes, we are still family owned by the Leichtners.) At Leichtner Studios our motto is simply "Senior Class." That means giving our senior portrait clients our very best! Every detail is controlled: light, composition, clothing harmony and posing. We always take the time to "fuss" and make sure everything looks right, to make your portraits better than you ever imagined. We go above the average photography studio and know how to bring out your true personality. Our photography style has the spontaneity of photojournalism, but in all actuality each pose is carefully choreographed to flatter each subject. Don't leave it up to someone that is just average to capture something as important as your senior portrait. Making you look good makes us look good! Your senior photographer at Leichtner Studios studies the current trends and fashions. We have an extensive array of props, sets, backgrounds and ideas, indoors and out. The options are literally unlimited. We have also been recently incorporating this love of style into a more "High Fashion" photography style. We look to the current fashion magasines and articles for inspiration and invite you to do the same. Come and see why Leichtner Studios is the only choice for senior portraits.