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TNG Photography

TNG Photography - Las Vegas and Henderson Photographer

Located in Henderson, Nevada
One of the best parts of your high school senior year is having your senior portraits created by a professional photographer! Sure, you can have a friend take a few pictures or maybe even your uncle's coworker who just got a new camera over the weekend...come on! That's like going to Chuck E. Cheese for your prom! Being a Senior comes only once in your life. This only happens one time. You deserve a quality professional, not an amateur or a part timer. You deserve senior photography that tells your story of who you really are during one of the most important years of your life! TNG Photography creates beautiful, long lasting portraits that won't go out of style. We love creating senior portraits that are fun, unique and creative! You're not going to look goofy, cheesy, or even the dreaded corny (DUN DUN DUN!!!)! You're going to look fantastic! When you're ready to schedule a one of a kind portrait session, contact us at (702)809-9763. Don't forget to check out our gallery at .