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Steven Begleiter Photo

Located in Missoula, Montana
Renowned for his creative approach to people photography, Begleiter has been shooting award winning images since the early 80's. His Portraits have graced the covers of Time and People magazine. His photography has appeared in Elle, Esquire, People, Newsweek, Forbes and many others. He has published three photography books, including the seminal Fathers and Sons. Begleiter now residing in Missoula, Montana has broaden his work to include Architecture, Product and Wedding photography. In addition to teaching his popular Personal Portrait workshop at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in the summer he also writes about photography for publications and is working on his 4th book for Amherst Media, due out in 2008. Montana Wedding Photographer.
specializing in Senior Portrait in Missoula Montana. Established in 1982 has published in national and international magazines. The photographer, Steven Begleiter, is the author of 4 portrait books. He has taken his years of experience and talent and is offering creative affordable portraits to the community of Missoula.