RnR Photography

Okay senior this is it! Your once in a lifetime senior portraits…Are you ready? Are you nervous because you have not so perfect skin? Don’t be, at RnR Photography of Baton Rouge we can promise you perfect skin and realistic texture, unlike many studios that just apply soft focus to your face. That ends up making you face look fake and everyone will know what you did. Instead, let us fix it for you. Your photos can be shot ANYWHERE! You want to have them. Forget everything the old folks have told you about senior pictures. I am a professional photographer that went to school at New York University for Photography. My photos are sold to local Baton Rouge Magazines and to Advertisement agencies around the world. Why should you care? Because I know how to make you pop! I know how to make you look like you belong in a magazine ad. Besides just touching you up and making you look like a model for an ad, I also have in my possession 3 very rare vehicles for you to pose with if you want to. Because this is a public ad and my address will be shown, I’ll keep the details a secret. But here are a few hints. Sports Bike – White and Blue Big Custom Harley – Black and Chrome And the car that James Bond drove in his last movie! With the carbon fiber and everything. So get ready, bring your friends and lets take some pictures of you doing anything you want to do!