Deverie FX!

Deverie FX Photography

Located in Palmyra, Illinois
Illinois artist and chroma key photographer, Deverie Rudd, pushes the creative envelope using the latest in technology and trendy techniques to produce stunning, unique and individualized portraits for those who prefer to stand head and shoulders above the crowd.
Looking for a senior portrait photographer that does cutting edge, tech savvy, way cool images instead of tired old, run-of-the-mill granny shots? If so, look no further! Deverie is the area's premiere chroma key, special effects photographer. Every image is worked with individually and created especially for you. Your shots will look like no one else's. Deverie knows that you're an individual and believes your senior portraits should be too. Chroma key photography and videography is what's used in the film and print industries to create all those fantastic special effects, backgrounds and more. When you come to the Deverie FX Studio, it's Hollywood Baby and you're the star!