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Located in Lakewood, Colorado
Xposer pronounced exposure.An image resulting from the effects of light rays on a photosensitive surface. Serving Denver Colorado specializing in High School Senior Portraits, Weddings, Corporate headshots, and Modeling Portfolios
We understand that your senior photography session is the crowning moment of 12 years of school. It could also be an accumulation of 12 years of bad school pictures. Let’s break that bad habit and create something to be remembered. Work with a photographer that cares as much as you do about capturing the perfect portrait of who you are. It’s our goal. It all starts with the portrait creation process to make sure that it is done right we need to take our time. That is why we take on a limited number of clients you aren’t just a number here. Create your family cycle with a photographer that wants to be a part of your life. When we get your senior class image done right - you just might be back for other images down the road. For something this important you need to hire someone who is cutting edge, and a professional. Start your professional photography here with us. Our Senior Portrait sessions include an unlimited number of pictures taken and an unlimited number of clothing changes (limitations are only by the amount of time we have for our shoot and how many changes of clothing you want to go through!). We also have a portable changing tent so you can feel comfortable changing outdoors. Time: Our sessions can last anywhere from 1 - 2 hours, during which time we simply have a great time making some wonderful pictures together. This is a wonderful opportunity to live it up and be the total center of attention. We hope you take advantage and enjoy it! Location: Our custom portrait sessions are done at a location of your choice to suit your individual needs, which can be (park, home, or mountain retreat). We enjoy making portraits where you are most comfortable, can relax and be yourself. Your choice in where to have a portrait created plays a great deal in the final results and should be considered carefully. What to wear? Wear something simple or fashionable without going overboard. Clothing should fit well. If in doubt bring a few options and we will decide together. Avoid major fashion statements or any clothes that will distract from the main feature (that being you of course). Hair: Go with a hairstyle that works for you and has worked in the past. The photo session is not the time try out a radical new style. If you use product in your hair, you can bring extra with you. Also unless you are getting your hair done, bring your favorite brush in case we need to get rid of some frizzes. Color or Black and White? You can have your choice or both if you want. All photos are taken in color and can be converted to black and white. You can change outfits and hair styles during the photo session as often as you wish to get the different looks you want for your senior portraits. Your portfolio photo session may include head shots, full body shots, indoor shots and outdoor shots. Have some experimenting you want to do? We will allow plenty of time to create those unique shots you've always wanted to try. Because of the time needed to try differant looks, it's hard to determine the actual number of completed shots you will receive. All packages it’s all about creativity and less about quantity. These are only guidelines. Anything above or between the packages can be achieved, just let us know, and I'd be happy to give a quote or work to fit your budget. Times & photos are approximate.